We put our congressional leaders in power so that they carry out the legislative agenda they campaigned on. They get elected based on this understanding, go on to the U.S. capitol and are supposed to work for us, the people. They go on to talk emphatically on the floor of the senate and house of representatives. Then it happens… nothing begins to happen. The pressing issues that beset the United States of America stand still. The conversation changes and the supposedly well-respected news media corporate outlets happily oblige in changing the conversation. Time passes. Nothing happens. The people are quietly told that it is not easy, that it takes time, that perhaps the congressional leaders know things we do not about getting the priority issues enacted and so, it may take a much longer time than was promised under the momentum of the campaign. In fact, it may take the congressionally-elected leader his entire career. ‘But not to worry, they are fighting the good fight!’ ‘Go Team USA.’

This week should have been the most important week of the beginning of a new era in the United States of America. But now it is starting to seem that, once again, ‘we the people’ have been duped by the political leaders. Egg on our face! Silly us for thinking that such change could be made! This this week of July in 2017 is the moment when the defunding of the baby-murder extermination facility corporation, Planned Parenthood, created by the eugenics-loving family of Bill Gates, is set to be voted on. After so much big talk by key political leaders like Ted Cruz, Paul Ryan and even the President himself, all of a Cartoon_02sudden, they are all quiet on the one-yard line as the social-justice warriors who are the actual players are left in the trenches battling the darkness of ignorance all on their own.

It is now evident that the people who should be running our government are not the people who should be running our government. We have been had… over and over again. Half a billion dollars is given to Planned Parenthood each year. Planned Parenthood funds and campaigns to get people who will do their bidding elected. Thirty million dollars was donated to the Hillary Clinton Presidential campaign. Millions and millions of taxpayer money goes to fund people who will kow-tow to the eugenics machine that exterminates God’s children. Obscene amounts of money goes into the field of entertainment to influence a culture of sex to distract us all. What end up happening is that the political leaders we place in power are actually paper-puppets who compliment each other, wheel n’ deal, negotiate behind back doors, and aim to just keep their jobs. Meanwhile, 900 American Originals are mercilessly slaughtered every day by the enterprise.

To the congressional leaders in D.C., as a whole: You falter the American system. You hobble democracy in selling out in the name of money and power. Go to work in your suits. Go act and seem important shuffling your papers as the real leaders duke it out with the powerful forces of evil in the trenches. Go on the fake news mainstream media outlets that keep your smug faces relevant and talk about everything, except the two most important subjects right now—the human rights of male and female human beings in the woman and the human rights of all Americans to be born, grow and live free of neurologically-damaging vaccines. Go on wimps. May the blood of the 900 American Originals slaughtered  daily for the lie of modernity and progressiveness be on you and your desensitized and seared consciousness. May the millions of Americans injured through unsafe vaccines serve as a reminder on how you looked the other way when the people of America needed it the most. 

My loyalty is to this nation, under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all.


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