“And they will deceive every one his neighbor, and will not speak the truth: they have taught their tongue to speak lies, and weary themselves to commit iniquity. Thine habitation is in the midst of deceit; through deceit they refuse to know me, saith the Lord.”
Jeremiah 9:5-6
Political forces create laws that subordinate humanity. Why should I pay into this system of garbage? The country is partly strong, partly broken. Legs of iron mixed with clay.
You look the other way knowing that unsafe vaccines maim our intellectual power. A vaccine kangaroo court award hundreds of millions of apologetic dollars. Hush money.’
You look the other way and drive on eating lies made of ashes and mud.
You stand by as human life is mercilessly killed in the womb and you play your favorite sex song on the radio that tells you everything is alright. Your music is atrocious. It is all subliminal and carries the undertone of politics. The people know not, care not.
You disregard teaching the children to respect those who protect us.
Police officers are shot down for nothing.. for no cause… out of empty hate.
In the end the lies of ashes eat your soul.
They emanate from spiritually wicked powers in high places.
You wonder how people can commit atrocities, how the human soul can be so callous, but do you look at your own soul. Does it move?
The trees become drier. The leaves fall away. The fruit does not come.
Planned Parenthood slaughters God’s blessings in the name of women’s rights.
The people love to have it so.
My soul becomes indignant and wroth, even as it is meek and gentle, kind and loving.
When will the good Lord end this?
When will Love step in like the unstoppable conquering warrior that He alone is and say, “enough!”?
Lt. John Corina was shot down in Los Angeles on his way to help one of us. His brother was wounded. Acts of slow war.
Somewhere a man in a well-tailored suit tells us the cherry-picked ‘news’  with his cohorts and they laud themselves as the bastions of liberty.
The news cycle continues rummaging through zeros and ones.
It tells us we must help the world or suffer being called isolationists.
The cycle of ignorance regurgitates on itself as the babies are slaughtered, the children’s brains are destroyed and the officers are shot down.
Those who care are labeled as uneducated, ill-informed people.
The lies wear away what is left of our souls.
We become numb and look to find peace and happiness in slivers of moments…
 as we turn the music on and hope the DJ plays our favorite song.

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