Palestinian skateboarders message Israel
A mindset of living side by side in peace.
Should we keep fighting world without end?
Tit for tat, around and around we go
The youth skateboard here and there
They keep moving forward
They waste no time in ideological positions
The bombs, they do burst
The communities, they do become destroyed
Tranquility settles in for a while
the rumble of skateboards begins again
In such soft ways
does liberty and freedom
take hold, move and grow
In such manner
is the life of people reborn
The United Nations, in essence, can be a place where countries communicate with each other on a diplomatic, global level.
  1. How do different peoples practice living side by side with each other when their political views are in stark opposition?
  2. What are the actual available neutral venues for such people coming together in a peaceable way?
It is a silly thing, skateboarding. A quiet sport of focus, sustaining attention, functional balance and goal-directed persistence. It is so silly that a Palestinian girl and an Israeli boy could possibly find themselves honing their craft side by side to each other, learning from each other, talking with one another and laying the new groundwork for friendship with each other.
Build skateparks that bring together the Israeli and Palestinian youth. It may be too late for the older folks to figure things out, but it is never too late for those young at heart to start anew.

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