A change in perspective can bring elements across America together under one roof.
Is it possible that agreements be reached between conservative and liberal factions? What are the 10 most important priorities that the United States of America needs to work on, in order for it to move forward at a much more accelerated pace?
Will greater access to smart education that supports the rise of an social entrepreneurial public education system help bring Wall Street and Main street together?
Can our land ‘heal’ with the practice and government funding of abortion? Will conservative Americans simply stay calm, cool and collected if this practice continues?
In regards to what is known as autism spectrum disorder, protecting life in the womb includes taking all precautions to ensure that the child’s development not  be stunted by carcinogenic ingredients found in unsafe vaccines.
How can we align more to God’s commandment to love one another, in spite of differences in moral perspective and still bring our country forward with increased momentum? What are the prescient priorities most in need of addressing? Below are key points of contention that unresolved, are tearing away the ties that bind Americans together.
Simultaneous agreement on all points, rather than agreement on some and partiality on others will signal that this alignment was unfruitful. Concerted effort by political pacts to derail this process will be recognized as direct provocation and an unwillingness to come to terms. All points must be acted upon in lock-step formation, with executive, congressional and judicial branches of government working in unison. The executive office must introduce legislation, along with executive action to begin to ‘heal’ the land and give its people rest from the inside out.
1.  An immediate global halt to the administering and distribution of vaccines that have carcinogenic ingredients would need to occur as well as a complete apology by the vaccine makers to the American populace. In addition, these companies need to be held socially responsible for the on-going financial health care and educative costs incurred by the individuals, their families and the communities across America.
2. Our energy and transportation infrastructure requires immediate care:
*This includes expanding and bringing our national train system into the twenty first century.
*Overhauling our national electricity power grid to better insulate the country. It needs to include a wide variety of clean-fuel sources, including clean fuel technology for fossil fuels consumption.
3. The protection of the second amendment, namely, our rights to bear arms cannot be infringed upon. A national discussion needs to be had around safety and the advantages and disadvantages of smart guns, such as those with fingerprint technology that only recognize the owner of the gun.
4. The protection and empowerment of life in the human womb.
  • An immediate, overnight termination of business to abortion clinics and abortion hospitals across the country. This includes a full stop to all government funds flowing directly or indirectly to these kinds of clinics.
5. No concrete wall. A halt to massive immigration into the United States of America with a route to amnesty to hardworking residents who are already here can be accomplished in congress. U.S. law enforcement agents along the border will require the right kinds of added smart supports and helps to help it grow into a formidable force ready to protect our borders from being overrun.
That said, as a global ‘brothers keeper,’ the U.S. needs to be increasingly socially responsible to the plight of the countries from which immigrants are entering our borders from illegally.  Let’s address the issues from where they start as nations, rather than only rely on increasing law enforcement forces along our borders and drumming up talks of setting up divisive walls. It is our duty to seek to live peaceably as much as possible with our national neighbors, especially those within our hemisphere.
6. An end to veterans being homeless. Veteran programs, such as the Wounded Warrior Project, need to be funded and expanded so that no veteran gets left behind.
7. Placing a mandate on the growth of an social entrepreneurial pathway of learning within pubic education sows the seeds for success for tomorrow. America needs to grow next-generation leaders that can be creative, innovative, dynamic and ready to bring business and social good together across the United States.
8. Though I am only for the marriage that is between a woman and a man, I am for living peaceably and following the Lords first and second commandment to love God and to love one another. God encourages us to live peaceably with one another.
Even so, it does seem prudent to afford the legal and financial right to Americans in the LBGT community to marry one another and enjoy all the financial benefits and safeguards of traditional marriage, that of a man and a woman.
9. Our military commitments to work in collaboration with our European partnerships must continue to be upheld for the time being, while we also make concerted new overtures at the local and global-level with Russia, China, India, the African states. Social entrepreneurship is one socially responsible path way that can robustly bring business and social good together that goes beyond politics and ideologies and establishes a new tradition of cultural, economic and intellectual exchange. We need to offer this to countries like North Korea, as well. There is a way to work with everyone.
10. Our healthcare system coverage needs to take an honest look at non-Western health care industries that should be covered by insurance to make itself more attractive to American citizens. With limited coverages in the United States, a person’s healthcare choice is largely reduced to Westernized practices of healthcare, which generally treat symptoms and not root causes. However, there are many effective health care practices which treat root causes, rather than symptoms which are not covered by health insurance.
In closing, if the government bodies, organizations and financial entity’s that have formed previous political and financial pacts with each other can arrive at this bargaining table, they will see how the American land begins to heal and rest. It is time for this kind of change. Abortion and the type of autism that is caused by unsafe vaccines is of the utmost concern given that life is being murdered and maimed.

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