Is social entrepreneurship a giant key to opening up new energies for the United States of America?
Could it be a collective answer by the country to respond to many of the disheartening events and circumstances that have become a part of the American experience?
How do we answer the rise of mass-murder tragedies?
Do we not have to meet apathy with empathy at some point? How do you impact the culture to cause a small, yet seismic shift in focus?
We Work Together
Something close to the answer of those questions is integrating revolutionary thought with capitalistic principles. Some call these kinds of people unstoppable in pursuing the empowerment of others on an individual and group-level. Younger generations are motivated to serve their local, national and even global communities in creative ways that make life better for individuals. Social Entrepreneurs, or self-employed individuals who’s missions are aimed at alleviating or rectifying the plights and issues that negatively affect the communities they live in are on the rise.
Just this last Spring and Summer I worked with an #EarnestMan who is his brothers keeper. He is a deacon at his church, and alongside his stateswoman-like wife, a pillar of the Norwalk and Fairfield County community. He does not get paid to be a concerned-citizen though and does not seem to be looking for a way to capitalize on his efforts to bring the Mayor, Harry Rilling, to task over the garbage can canister site that was releasing harmful pollutants into the air in South Norwalk. It was reported that the children at a school just downwind were getting frequent headaches and problems focusing in class. #EarnestMan kept the issue relevant by speaking up in City Hall council meetings. He was always the Lone Wolf on this issue and received no support from anyone. Finally, this last summer, #EarnestMan attained victory for the children and the community by getting the Mayor to address and rectify the issue. #EarnestMan is not an entrepreneur, but he is socially-conscious and cares about others.
How could another walk in his footsteps and turn the success into a larger mission of taking on community projects that bring justice and revitalization? It is certainly not easy to leave the comforts of more traditional work days and grow social enterprises. Can a person devote their time, and thereby look to make a living in service to others by bringing what seems revolutionary, being your brothers keeper and doing good, with capitalism?
It is possible for one to impact the national and global conversation and even lead it in new directions when we work together, each bringing our piece to the table. It may so be that the constant trail created by you or me sends the kind of positive energy into the land that ever so slightly ripples a change in how we live and work together as stewards of the land and brothers
keepers. Soon enough a pebble that made a ripple serves as catalyst for a fast-moving river sweeping in a new era across the land.

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