Yesterday, at the New York City Surfers Healing event at Lido Beach in Long Island a volunteer staff member thanked me for helping out, to which I quickly pointed out that we are helping each other out and we are doing it together.
Positive disruption use to be a market term for a product starting at the bottom of the market and moving its way up to the ‘top’ of the market using organic-grass root methods and integrating local community to spur its growth.
There is no physical product with me, save what is offered. Not readily commodified, the positive disruption brought forth takes on many shapes with the aim of changing culture, how business is conducted, how special education is instructed, the way government is responsibly managed, strengthening the foundation of the family and pointing our compasses to God. It is a mission, it is an adventure, it is a logistical journey and it surges from the heart, through the mind and out into the open.
This is a labor of love, a placing of self at the feet of the community. There is no monetary charge for getting people to think, discuss, shift and act in concert. In maximizing the impact of the mission, being present and accessible is key, and so asking for money would abridge and nullify the greatest benefit that could come forth from the constant endeavor. Likewise, taking any personal credit would be disingenuous and counter the scaling effect happening. This mission is not floating on the shoulders of one man or woman, but on the hearts and aspirations of all that want to be part of the dream. It doesn’t work unless we all rise together.
The Reverend and doctor, Martin Luther King, Jr. is a human being whom I feel a great closeness to. To me he is not black or white, a figure of the civil-rights movement or a man who trumped rights for African-Americans. He is a child of God driven to let his heart sing, come hell or high water. I see him dancing a dance of positive disruption across the nation and the world. An unstoppable force even in his human death, larger than life with a dream that we can all subscribe to.
To let freedom ring from every nook and cranny, to let liberty run unabated from special interests and fly from the poverty-ridden neighborhoods of Harlem, New York and South Norwalk, Connecticut to the halls of Congress in Washington D.C.
Beyond politics and the twenty-four hour news cycle the drip-drop effect of the mission is already having a global effect, with the United States of America as its ground zero. The U.S. government itself is in the flux of the positive disruption, though it is not being advertised as such. It is scrambling to stay relevant in the face of a polarized populace, uprisings and riots nation-wide. Healing needs to happen more and be personally brought into each town and city. The healing of America cannot be birthed by the market, though the market be influenced by the healing… by the all-out revitalization of hope in hearts and minds.
It is a new day and America is being pulled onto a new and better level with all rising together. On the ground level, I am bringing awareness to the plight of social-economic inequality, the tragedy in allowing distancing between U.S. citizens of different ethnicities from each other, and facilitating an upheaval in education. Primarily how we empower youth on the autism spectrum, with Downs Syndrome, intellectual disabilities and varied special needs.


The King’s dream is in the air. Will you catch it and be part of it? Meet apathy with empathy, hatred with lovingkindness, misery with gratitude, selfishness with selflessness. In such ways do spiritual warriors expertly battle day in and day out for the collective soul of the United States of America.

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