Jose Gustavo Ramirez, a father with one daughter, a thirty-six year old waterman, entrepreneur and consummate sailor operates as a pirate full-time off the coast of eastern Puerto Rico. His pirate ship Mirili, can be often seen and reported with prisoners on-board between the waters of the U.S & British Virgin Islands.
Mr. Ramirez, speaks three languages fluently, was born and raised in Puerto Rico by a Cuban mother and a Puerto Rican father and is a master chef.  A surfer’s surfer, Jose has traveled the world extensively and repetitively living in faraway lands, surfing seemingly impossible mammoth waves, and parachute jumping as a master of the air with his wing suit, allowing him to move horizontally at over 170 miles per hour. Be it living in Indonesia, or surfing in New Zealand, Australia, Mexico, Costa Rica, or across the United States, Jose has been there, skied it or worked it as a sushi chef, surf contest camera man, or expert wing suit glider.
Though he has all his gear, he no longer jumps. He still surfs massive waves and has no qualms in showing up in Switzerland or Germany to snowboard epic snow drifts while jumping out of spinning helicopters 20 feet off a mountain miles away from civilization.The grandson and son of a farmer, Jose Gustavo has no qualms either in paddling out to a twenty-foot wave and confidently owning it, nor does he have any issues doing aerial 360 degree jumps in the air with his kite-surf.
I recently conducted a short interview with him:
Three questions.
  1.  How long have you been sailing and where did you get your experience from?
Since I’m eight years old (28 years of experience). Started surfing and then got into Hobie Holder boats. Then learned in Nautico Club in [sailing] camp. [Jose was a student and coach there.]
2.  To what islands do you sail to? Sail to all U.S. & British Virgin Islands [down to] Anegada.
3.  From where do you sail? Departing from Puerto Del Rey Marina [in Fajardo].
If you would like to be taken prisoner to a remote island of your choosing off the coast of Puerto Rico, Jose can make it happen. There is a strong chance you will return home safely. You can find more on his Instagram @borinkensailing, or at

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