The growth mindset is a central piece to Michael Phelp’s mastery attainment as a swimmer. This mindset is as old as time and has also been called the ‘champion mindset.’ A term I interchange with the growth mindset, which is to focus on the process, instead of focusing on a desired end result only. The end is not justified by the means, and how we go about attaining our victories is more valuable than attaining the victory itself.
Mr. Phelps has been an Olympian since the year 2000, starting in Sydney, then Athens in 2004, and Beijing in 2008, followed by London in 2012 and Rio de Janeiro in 2016. In each of these competitions win or lose, Phelps focused on the process, rather than the end result. In Sydney, Phelps finished strong but did not get a medal. This did not deter him. By using practice strategies and effective coaching to help himself be better ,Michael Phelps has been able to dominate in swimming on a world-wide scale. His champion mindset surpasses expectations as he heaps gold and silver medals and sets world-records.
He is electric.
Outside the water, the Michael Phelps Foundation makes it possible for disadvantaged children to be able to have the opportunities afforded to him. He is bringing social justice to youth and families in the community by having created the environment, a swim/ sports complex with great staff to coach kids to swim like champions. Phelp’s social entrepreneurship as the founder and director of a special swimming organization mirrors, if not exceeds, the victories he has attained in the water. In his role as founder and swim director, Michael Phelps has also become a mentor to the youth, imparting his growth mindset or champion-perspective views that sets the tone and forward-thinking manner of the programs swimming athletes.
From All-American swimming champion to overlapping as a steward for the community with his swimming organization, Michael Phelps has shown spectacular servant leadership to the United States of America on a whole and  right down at the local level with his work in the community. The unspoken victories that are happening in the individual lives of all the youth that go through his program will match his victories in front of the world as the all-time best swim champ ever.


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