Over 3,000 hits. Golden glove winner. World Series champion. World Series Most Valuable Player. All-Star, All-American, child of God.

He was incredibly concerned with taking care of those less fortunate. He didn’t have to. He was already a good man. With his loving wife, Vera Cristina Zabala, Roberto Enrique would fly their and back again and again on small airplanes to such lands as Nicaragua in Central America to clothes the poor and bring hope. A friend of my father and a fellow U.S. Marine, Roberto Enrique Clemente was top-of-the-line major league baseball player. He played eighteen years as a Pirate for Pittsburgh, wearing his stripes for all to see. A humble man who put his brothers and sisters first, even when these brothers and sisters were from faraway lands and could never, ever repay him. He was about doing the business of his Father. A little light, a real star which no second death could extinguish, just like all the children of God.

Roberto Enrique Clemente Walker was a fiery star of lovingkindness. A trailblazer with his heart on his sleeve captivating the hearts of people through his baseball and his empathy for the poor and needy people of the Caribbean and Latin America.


What drives a person to go to such great lengths to be there for others?
What compels a person to go above and beyond for others?
Do they have mental imbalances?
Or could some other forces be in play?
What brings a man to be selfless?

Roberto Enrique Clemente-Walker

A man of adventure and play
of a heart exposed to open air
with humility that stepped up to the plate

A man after God’s heart
Unquenchable fire
epic commitment
a brothers keeper


How beautiful is it when a man and woman compliment each other? More than lovers, more than best friends. It is like both entered into an agreement to live their lives in a certain way. One in which living life happened from the inside out. A life of adventure. Roberto Enrique Clemente was a man like no other in his time for his people. The guy was not just a professional baseball player. He was a spiritual warrior unleashing empathy on an epic scale when no one expected it from him. A star in his own right, Roberto Enrique was a black man in what was at the time a white man’s sport. His kindness and upright ways endeared his teammates and Americans to him, including those from his native homeland, la isla Boriqueña, Puerto Rico. He was hotter than fire for others. Roberto Clemente was hotter than fire for others.


How will we write the stories of our lives Puerto Rico? Will we have our stories written for us, or will we rise up together and be game changers? Will we try to force life to be business as usual, or will we #GoForth and disrupt the game of life with love, hope and unbelievable kindness?

Put on righteousness as a breastplate, put on faith as a helmet, fasten hope around your waist, take up the sword of truth and become hotter than fire for others. There IS work to be done always. Being about the business of making money on earth only leaves one bankrupt on the inside, yet combining this with the earnestness of being aligned with the will of the Almighty Lord of Lords makes the very ground of the heart quake and be positively disrupted.

No time to wallow in the mire. #GoForth for God. Bring your heart and mind. Use your imagination and never, ever give up on letting love flow through you onto others.


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