1.  As President, the demands, duties and decision-making that need to be done and met keep you away from ‘being there’ for your family.
Have you been able to find a work/ family life balance?
2. Mr. President, a central aspect to to my work as a social entrepreneur was influenced by the examples of others, including your own work as a community leader. You went out there where the rubber meets the road and were doing your best to exercise justice and liberty. Over the last eight years, you have inspired millions of individuals across the U.S.A.  to go forth and be all that they can be and to do so by becoming socially active as positive builders of their communities. Past our borders and across the oceans, Mr. President, your name, Barack Obama, signals hope and change to being more sensitive, tolerant and outgoing unto each other. It also signifies the spirit of rising above our differences and working together on common ground.
What advice can you give to young souls across our heartland who are interested in keeping America great, but feel small and insignificant as individuals?
3. Mr. President, the truth of the matter in America is that  as a whole, it is both thriving and decaying all at the same time. This is part of modern life. Within communities there are many who answer the call to serve. Some don uniforms, others wear suits, and yet others show up on their skateboards. Some teach in classrooms, some are on-call to nurse at three o’clock in the morning, others teach soccer to young children on weekend mornings. Some serve by fixing lights on electricity poles, others by delivering packages, some serve by directing traffic while others serve by dressing wounds. Some serve by trucking food across America, others by teaching soccer air dribble and dancing to children on the autism spectrum. Some serve  by strapping their boots on as soldiers to protect our principles and way of life, others by simply just being a friend and recognizing the power of positive relationships in strengthening people from the inside out. All are committed people who believe in being their brother’s and sister’s keeper, even if we believe in different creeds.
How important is the practice of servant leadership to the welfare of the United States of America? What effect is created in communities filled with people who lead in service to others?
4. Mr. President, an orchestra conductor of a successful musical ensemble manages and directs with the end goal of reaching harmony in a goal-directed manner. This also happens to be close to the sum definition of executive functioning skill abilities.
On a local and national level, what have you found is the overarching need of the United States at this moment?

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