Can a concerted effort will arise if we all each seek our own?
Does good will sustain if we turn our hearts away after a time?
Could mental illness be warded off by living a life of servant leadership?
 A life of service for others harvests can foster happiness, and hearts and minds that place people before profit shore up peace from the inside out. Taken like a scientific formula, fomenting unique social enterprises which align one’s interest with the local, national and global communities needs in mind and heart becomes a win-win for the bottom line of the individual and the community-at-large.
Invariably, this can employ an infinite number of business dynamics under the umbrella term social enterprise. Entry into this industry is so easy that even a child can do it by having a lemonade stand that directs a portion of the proceeds towards a social good. In effect, the lemon selling-business kid becomes a social entrepreneur.
In the age of consumerism, that which is immediate appears to trump that which takes time to come to fruition. The making of money slides in as a top priority unannounced and quite rationally. We need money to purchase our food, clothing, shelter and clean water. Some earn it rapidly and in great sums, others slave all year and still live month to month, even week to week. In America, most of us are somewhere in the middle.
  • Can a life of contentment be had when we put our shoulders to the plow for the good of our families and communities?
I don’t think it can be had. I know it can be had. To get started, we need to decide to just bring epic commitment to such fancy life goals such as leading in service. This may take a change in your lifestyle. The United States of America needs this at its current junction. Bringing our hearts and minds into concert once and for all with consistency that others can bank on and take inspiration from is pivotal to tessellating further growth. Are we not all brothers and sisters? Are we not all living side by side with each other? We don’t have to take on all of the worlds troubles at once, yet we can rest assured that if we go forth with epic commitment, if we follow our unique hearts and bring our minds, then we can manifest change we can believe in.
I know we can. I am doing this, even now. Others are also doing this, day in and day out… servant leadership, as well as  social entrepreneurship. It is as if heart warriors are all around us. We just have to acknowledge that they are there and that they are there because they care. Servant leaders serve and protect us as police officers, as firefighters, as nurses, as paramedics, as teachers, as medics, as business woman and as children. Join the movement that is unstoppable and grow your heart. America needs this kind of revival and the world looks upon America to lead. Bring your consistent spirit to bettering yourself and the people of your community.  That is positive social disruption.

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