In Flint, Michigan the water is tainted with lead. It is polluted with heavy metals that have been passed down to the community causing a great expense on the health and welfare of individuals and families for decades to come.
Safety Before Profit
All of the authorities that check for water quality on a local, state and national level are guilty of not doing their business in a prioritized manner that prevents situations like this from happening.  We can’t pass the buck. Their should be independent checking of water quality by all levels of government that are tasked with ensuring water safety. Apparently, rather than own up their mistakes, they are pointing fingers instead. That is not what we teach our children. We teach them to own up to their mistakes. I am owning up to mine.
  • How were the appropriate authorities that check for water quality not aware of the situation and why has it taken so long to rectify the situation?
  • The cognitive and overall physiological impact of being poisoned by a heavy metal cannot be understated and much more greatly restrains a family financially, emotionally and altogether as a cohesive unit. The strain on the community is magnified because of the sheer number of people poisoned. Their lives are altered.
  • What we allow on the outside in American society affects the inside (our inner selves) and what we allow on the inside will affect the outside. You are powerful enough to be a force of nature and affect with positive change if you rise up for others.
  • Was it a host of factors that led to lead being released into the water supply? Was it old infrastructure coupled with a company that wanted to save a few cents more before changing its hardware?
  • The victims of this tragedy should be given the best eastern and western medical treatment that can be offered for as long as they need it. This includes educational support for the cognitively impaired children. Or should they be saddled with the financial burden of climbing out from being poisoned with heavy metals?
This is not how we make America Great Again. Switch it up by integrating a growth mindset starting now.
You don’t have to sack all levels of government, but we can go about using the growth mindset and put greater emphasis on how we go about bettering our process of checks and balances to ensure clean water across the land. This action sends a powerful wave of energy that amplifies across families and communities. People can move away from being on a defensive, reactionary stance into a proactive, constructive mode that seeks to build up, rather than tear down. Rather than vilify, a teacher would have one focus on solutions to prevent future mishaps from happening. This is metacognition 101. Thinking about your thinking, in order to chose better. What does NASA  or one of our space companies like Elon Musk’s, Space X do when a rocket failure happens? They don’t always fire all the engineers, but go over every step to see where the problem was and how it can be made better for the next time. In fact, the teams that build rockets have good relationships with each other and work in a harmonious fashion that allows for constant constructive feedback.

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